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    The company owns the superfine qualification for general contract of construction projects under construction, Class A qualification for architectural industry (architectural engineering) design, Class A qualification for special items of architectural decoration engineering design, Level One qualification for general contracting of municipal utilities engineering and mechanical and electrical engineering construction; Level One qualification for professional contracting in five specialties: steel structure engineering, building decoration and ...



    Zhengzhou Municipal Control node (underground traffic) Proje

    Shenzhen Metro Line 12, Chiwan Parking Lot shield section co

    "Xiliu Lake" of Zhengzhou Metro Line 1

    Section 01 of Zhengzhou Metro Line 3 Phase II project

    Foxconn Technology Park project in Zhengzhou

    Shenma industrial Co., LTD. 2000T A polyamide 66 high perfor

    2020 series installation projects of Pingmeishenma

    Xinjiang Cathay Xinhua Zhundong Phase I 2X350MW power statio

    Yuneng Thermal Power project

    Science and Technology Research Center of Zhengzhou Universi



  • 2020-1119

    The group's work summary for the first half of 2020

    On the morning of August 3, 2020, the summary of the group's work for the first half of the year and the second half of t

  • 2020-1119

    Strengthen the construction of corporate culture, "litt

    Corporate culture is the soul of an enterprise and the inexhaustible driving force for its sustainable development.Adhering t

  • 2020-1119

    The State Council has just issued the Regulations on Guarant

    The Regulations on Payment Protection for small and Medium-sized Enterprises (Decree no. 728 of the State Council of the Peop

  • 2020-1119

    NDRC: Do not set the threshold in any form!Support private e

    The National Development and Reform Commission, the Ministry of Finance, the Ministry of Housing and Urban-rural Development



  • 首页-我的方向-六化策略

    Six change strategy

  • 首页-我的方向-标准化施工

    Standardized construction

  • 首页-我的方向-装配式建筑

    Prefabricated building

  • 首页-我的方向-工程信息化

    Engineering informatization

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